The Bamx! pavilion was conceived, designed, computationally optimized, fabricated, and assembled in a highly collaborative effort. Coordinated by Dr. Seiichi Suzuki, the project brings together people with expertise in many different areas, including weaving art, design, fabrication, computer science, architecture, and structural engineering. 

Geometric Computing Laboratory, EPFL

Filip Goc, Florin Isvoranu, Prof. Dr. Mark Pauly, Dr. Davide Pellis, Samara Ren, Dr. Seiichi Suzuki

Students: Ruben Bento, Antoine Brunner, Guillaume Hueber, Alix Magnaguémabé, Christian Meier, Sepehr Mousavi, Maximilian Paulsen, Xinran Tao, Sixiao Xu

Volunteers: James Pauly, Hannah Pauly

Weaver, Independent Researcher

Alison Martin 

ITKE Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design, University of Stuttgart

Tzu-Ying Chen, Yanan Guo, Marta Gil Pérez, Prof. Dr. Jan Knippers

Laboratory for Creative Computation, EPFL

Eric Duong, Maxence Grangeot, Prof. Dr. Stefana Parascho, Ian Ting

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